Research & Projects


The UW RFID Lab was created to support research by members of the UW RFID Industry Workgroup, and as a resource for other companies.


Here is a partial list of issues the UW RFID Lab is currently addressing:

How the product contents, packaging and media affect RFID system performance?

  • Readability (single tag, multi-tag)
  • Write-ability
  • Packaging re-design guideline


How external environmental conditions affect RFID system performance and ways to overcome these effects.

  • Interferences
  • Durability


How individual RFID system components affect the overall system performance and how to improve it?

  • Tag design (tag antenna, substrates)
  • Reader design (reader antenna, reader controller)
  • Network architecture
  • Data architecture (data structures / data management)
  • Software architecture


How RFID can transform business and supply chain processes

      - Simulation models of RFID-enabled supply chain processes